About Us


                          Enterprise Culture

                          Enterprise slogan

                          CHTC JOVE Building Thriving Businesses and Creating Excellent Products for you 
                          Mission & Vision 
                          Pursuit of excellence, industrial power, equipment world ,sustainable operation

                          Core values
                          Performance rules, integrity and openness
                          Enterprise spirit
                          Innovation, collaboration, inclusiveness and excellence
                          Purpose of the company
                          We are committed to creating value for our customers and creating opportunities for our employees. At the same time, we will maintain and increase the value of domestic assets
                          Talent concept
                          Enterprise driven team cooperation, pioneering and enterprising performance management
                          Quality concept
                          Pay attention to details and pursue high quality products
                          Business principles
                          Scientific management, operation according to law, people oriented, risk control priority and quality oriented
                          Product concept
                          Precise design and lean manufacturing
                          Marketing concept
                          Honesty, persistence, customer first

                          service idea
                          Focus on customers, be professional and efficient, create a win-win future of value
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