MK-24S Crawler-type Drilling Machine

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            The MK-24S crawler-type drilling machine is a new generation of piling machinery product exclusively produced by CHTC Jove Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. This product combines all the advantages of various kinds of pile frames at present: it not only has the maneuvering ability and construction efficiency of crawler pile frame, but also has the safety stability and favorable cost performance of walking pile frame. the MK-24S crawler-type drilling machine can be widely applied to various pile foundation engineering, deep foundation pit support engineering and industrial and civil constructions such as the anti-seepage dam engineering in flood control project. It can also adopt different construction methods such as long spiral, diesel hammer, down-hole hammer and so on.
            ·Easy to transit. It has hydraulic extension-type track, so as to ensure safety reliability of its working status/ self-walking status/ transportation status of road and railway;
            ·Simple maintenance and high cost performance;
            ·Stable movement and safety operation. Since the grounding wire size is not limited by the chassis and it has 4 hydraulic legs at the front and the back, it will not cause rollover accidents;
            ·Accurate and reliable piling. Adjust the stand column to be vertical by inclining the oil cylinder at the bottom, thus realizing fine tuning and increasing the perpendicularity. The stand column is supported by three points and adjusted from two directions. Its drilling perpendicularity is greatly superior to that of the suspension-type crawler pile frame;
            ·Flexible and rapid movement with high construction efficiency. The situation where there is difficult movement of the walking pile frame due to the sinkage of the landing leg will never occur. The construction efficiency can be increased twofold to threefold without any dead angle of the pile position.

            Stand Column And Top Pulley Frame
            The stand column consists of the upper section, lower section and the bottom section which hare fixedly connected by bolts. For the convenience of transportation, the upper and lower sections, the lower section and bottom section can be folded and rotated through the hinge shaft.

            Hydraulic System
            Oil pump is driven by the engine, walking, rotation, leg stretching, crawler widening, stand column lifting and lodging, mast adjustment, withdraw and extension of main winch and auxiliary winch, stretch out and drawback of jaw oil cylinder of the clamp holder and other actions are realized by hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic system is provided with filter clogging warning function.

            Running System
            Crawler running is driven by two hydraulic motors, front and back straight running and turning can be realized, controlled by two pedals in front of the seat in the cab, which is convenient to operate and visual.

            Rotary System
            The hydraulic driven rotation reduction gear with brake is used for rotation, the rotation angle is 360 °, the rotation operating handle is on the left of seat in the cab, push the handle forward can control the platform to rotate counterclockwise, backward pull the handle can control the platform to rotate clockwise.

            Dynamical System
            MK-24S crawler-type drilling machine is powered by a DCEC engine with the maximum power of 194KW. The flywheel of the engine is connected with a double-discharge main pump and a secondary pump with relatively low discharge. The power system comprises an engine and hydraulic oil pump, fuel tank, radiator (water tank), storage battery and various accessories, pipelines, electrical components and lines matched with the engine.

            Winch Lifting System
            Equipped with a main winch and a auxiliary winch and is under hydraulic drive. The main winch is mainly used for lifting the power head to achieve the drilling and lifting of the drilling tool; and the auxiliary winch is mainly used for lifting the drilling tool and operation unit.

            Clamp holder
            The clamp holder is used for clamping the casing pipe when the dive-hole hammer is used for construction or the casing pipe is used for the retaining wall. The jaw oil cylinder in the clamp holder can be push or withdraw the clamping jaw at the front end of the oil cylinder when the jaw oil cylinder is in flexible state, so that the holder can clamp or loosen the casing pipe.

            Electrical System
            The complete machine is powered by the built-in engine for providing current required by lighting, warning, meter display and other controls; the electric system is provided with short-circuit protection, overload protection, open-phase protection, leakage protection and ground protection.
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