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Civil Maintenance Services

Team One’s civil maintenance offerings include:

  • Scaffolding material, components & program management
  • Balance of plant maintenance
  • Coatings, painting & insulation services

Enhancing Plant Continuous Process Improvement Programs (CPIP)

Team One’s scaffold management program is implemented as part of our clients’ site CPIP to provide a long-term solution that addresses industry and regulatory recommendations for use of permanent scaffold structures, while reducing overall operating costs. Our program helps plants comply with the increased emphasis industry regulators are placing on implementation of well-structured scaffold management programs and dose reduction. These initiatives include:

  • EPRI Scaffold Program Optimization and Dose Reduction Guide 1021102
  • INPO Plant Performance Index – Collective Radiation Exposure (CRE) component
  • Code of Federal Regulations, 10CFR20, Section 20.1101(b), ALARA requirement
  • U.S. NRC Inspection Module 71124.02, “Occupational ALARA Planning and Controls”

Eliminating Repetitive Builds

Team One’s scaffold management program reduces the overall number of scaffold structures built and makes permanent those structures that are otherwise temporary. Our seismically-qualified components enable towers and shielding frames to remain installed in containment, during plant operations and are accepted by industry regulators.

Team One designs, fabricates and installs seismically-qualified custom staging and specialty work packages for projects in safety-related areas such as the drywell, reactor building and containment. These custom packages include high capacity lead shielding racks, suspended work platforms, freestanding scaffold towers and reactor vessel head inspection platforms. This approach significantly reduces repetitive high dose projects, worker exposure, labor costs and critical path time while improving does savings for shielding evolutions.

The Results

Our Scaffold Management Program has been implemented at numerous nuclear power stations with a proven record of reducing labor costs, radiation exposure and installation time by 15-20%. The Program uses ISO 9001:2000-certified Excel scaffold material and through the Program we provide specialty fabrication, laser imaging and 3D modeling, seismic engineering and custom components.